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==Strategies of X==

Gravity of Mind, acrylic on paper
and linen, 24" x 16" © 2005

Patched Realms, acrylic on paper
and linen, 24" x 16" © 2005 (private collection)

The Creations of Sound

If the poetry of X was music,
So that it came to him of its own,
Without understanding, out of the wall

Or in the ceiling, in sounds not chosen,
Or chosen quickly, in a freedom
That was their element, we should not know

That X is an obstruction, a man
Too exactly himself, and that there are words
Better without an author, without a poet,

Or having a separate author, a different poet,
An accretion from ourselves, intelligent
Beyond intelligence, an artificial man

At a distance, a secondary expositor,
A being of sound, whom one does not approach
Through any exaggeration. From him, we collect.

Tell X that speech is not dirty silence
Clarified. It is silence made still dirtier.
It is more than an imitation for the ear.

He lacks this venerable complication.
His poems are not of the second part of life.
They do not make the visible a little hard

To see nor, reverberating, eke out the mind
On peculiar horns, themselves eked out
By the spontaneous particulars of sound.

We do not say ourselves like that in poems.
We say ourselves in syllables that rise
From the floor, rising in speech we do not speak.

--Wallace Stevens

Summer Mirage, acrylic on linen,
26" x 18" © 2005

Snow Dreams, acrylic on linen,
26" x 18" © 2005

Sun Escapades, acrylic and gocco on paper and linen, 30" x 40" © 2005

Mental Break, acrylic on paper
and linen, 18" x 10" © 2005

End Game, acrylic on linen,
18" x 10" © 2005

Night Vision, acrylic and prismacolor on black board, 17 1/8" x 11" © 2005

Night Strategies, acrylic and prismacolor on black board, 17 1/8" x 11" © 2005

Thought Borders, acrylic, gocco and watercolor on paper and canvas, 40" x 24" © 2005

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